Why Beck?

We are a modern, Swabian, family-owned business with 70 reliable and committed employees as well as a lot of hardworking colleagues at our manufacturing plants.

Together we develop, manufacture, sell and ship gymnastics shoes, canvas shoes, slippers and rain boots.

People spend a lot of time at work.
Therefore we try to spend this time in a sensible way.
With joy, brains, commitment, passion and much blood, sweat and tears.

Our policy: We are there for our customers!

Service means to serve and to perform – this is what we stand for!

So we do give our partners a hand and reliably provide services!
All items are delivered without any minimum order quantity and at your individual disposition.
Most of our items are in stock and can be delivered immediately!
Our customers can access an NOS program with averaging 400,000 pairs of shoes.
Our customers´ own brands are stored temporarily and delivered at optimal time of need.

Our policy: Each pair counts!

That is fact: Each customer counts, whether small or big.
We ship our items to specialist shoes and sports retailers, federations, department stores, chain store owners and consigners.

We do not aim at direct marketing – exception: a small but mighty factory outlet.

Alongside our experienced staff a professional field sales force with own show rooms is responsible for domestic and European sales.

Our policy: If you manufacture yourself, you can keep things firmly in hand and react faster and more flexibly.

We do not want to be a commercial enterprise.
We do not want to be an importer nor an exporter nor a distributor.
Therefore we solely manufacture in our own or associated businesses.
As close as possible on the product.
Due to a large vertical range of manufacture in Germany as well as a high ratio of production in Europe, we are able to manage a fast follow-up production and to supply unscheduled demand for short delivery.

We can meet the three “Rs” of purchasing and logistics:
The right goods in the right quantity at the right time!

We like staying in the background and present our customers´ brands within our private labels and FOB programes in the proper light.
Individualized exclusive items according to customers´ requests and requirements.
This is what our qualified and experienced designers are on hand with help and advice for.

Our policy: No Beck company without its staff!

Position and job within the company, locations, nationalities and religions do not matter at all!
Each person counts!
Humane, honest and fair interaction and corresponding working and social conditions go without saying!
Not only approved by expensive social audits – we do our very best to implement and live it.

Our policy: We want to produce shoes in a reasonable and sustainable way!

Our shoes are to convince by a good value for money ration.
They are to be of high quality and produced with state-of-the-art environmental and shoe technology.
We try to manufacture in a reasonable ecological way – in practice it includes the whole structure and operational organization.
Looking for weak spots and renewing again and again; avoiding long production chains and long transport routes.
We try to use as little chemistry as possible.
But we do not meet discretionary drawn-up eco-criteria which we do not support.
Binding for us are statutory provisions together with further reasonable regulations e.g. CADS guidelines – drawn up by leading accredited test labs; supported by experts from industry and engineering; in detailed agreement with authorities.

Our policy: We try to act in the long run!

We are a commercial enterprise.
Enterprises have to work economically and profit-orientedly.
BUT: We are a family business.
Therefore our ambition is not short-termed or focused on profit maximization.
As we are not accountable to any stockholder or shareholder.
Only to ourselves.
We think in the long term as we want Beck to there for a long time.
This is only possible if you work in a fair and honest way.
If you have fair and honest prices.
In other words: You always meet twice!

This is Beck. That’s what Beck stands for!

Probably we have made one or the other point which makes you to say: Therefore Beck.

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